Thursday, February 21, 2008

Holy Cow! It's Cold Again!!

Dang...cold front moving in and the temps have dropped! Gonna be a cold ride this afternoon after work for sure! I get an hour or so of zone 2 riding with 3x2min high cadence drills and I'm going to try to do the Powerstarts my mentor wants me to do. Gotta get those damn things done without my chain falling off. Hopefully, I can get them done in the 50/14 w/o it falling off. High cadence drills (>=120) will be tough, but maybe they'll help me stay warm.

Two more days till the Frostbite ride! I feel a lot better about the ride...I know I can do this ride and I will be fine. I'll let Andy, Jay, Paul, Kevin, Neal, & Ray pull me around on Saturday:). It's nice riding with all these guys:) - 'specially when they are all cute roadies:). Hehe.

Hopefully, the rain that's forecast for Saturday will hold off till after lunch time. I should be finished with the ride by then (3.5hr +/-) depending on how fast of a pace Andy gets going.

Interval info later on....

Ha. I did pretty good on these 3x2min high cadence intervals. They are a bit hard and really tax your aerobic system. The first one isn't exactly correct, but, eh, it is what it is. 5min rest between each. Considering that this is really the first time I've done these, I guess they are ok.

#1: 158/108 (AP/rpm)
#2: 162/127
#3: 149/122

Sheesh - It was really cold too. I wanted to ride for about a 1.5hr, but it was just too damn cold. I did these intervals and headed on back to my car!

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