Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frostbite Tour Is Almost Here!

It's almost here! 6 more days. This week will be a rest week for me also, as I've had 3 good 100-mile hard weeks of training. I feel like I'm progressing well, but I will still worry about the ride on Saturday. Especially the first 2-3 miles. This is when I got dropped like a hot potato last year:(. Things are different this year tho...I am 32 pounds lighter, I know what to do about the breathing problems I had last year, and I've been a training fool since November. Damn, I hope I do well. Where does my confidence go???

The weather is a bit 'iffy' for the end of the week and ride day. Hopefully it won't be raining nor very windy. The wind just absolutely kills my energy.

Training this week will be day of 3x8min zone 4 intervals early in the week and one day of high cadence drills. Gym work will be light this week also - don't want to wear my legs out prior to Saturday. That's about it for now.......

Why do I get so nervous about rides like this?? I've got a case of the nerves already and it's not going to get any better as the week goes on. I shouldn't be worried about's what I've been training for, it's why I've worked so hard, it's why I've already ridden the route once and 2/3 of it twice. Is it 'cause my mentor is going to be here to ride as well? Is it the fear of not being able to do as well as he thinks I can do?? I know I can do this ride, but the apprehension starts filtering in and the confidence wans....Whew....I need to go for a ride. Like right now!!!

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