Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Week -

Plans for this week? Yeppers. I think I'm going to do 3x10min intervals tomorrow and do them correctly so that I will not have anything left to do a 4th one. These will be done at the upper end of my zone4 (168-195w). Looks like rain for Tuesday, so I'll go to the gym after work.

Wednesday will be zone2 high cadence drills (>120), 3x2min intervals. The ones I did last week, were not done correctly, as they were in my zone 3. Need to do them the opposited direction on the road I use. Gonna be really windy too - maybe I can get the wind to co-operate....

Thursday or Friday will be 3x3min VO2max intervals. OMG. Those hurt! But, damn, I do like them! Ain't that funny? Which day they are done on, just depends on the weather for Th/Fr and what the weather will be like on Saturday. The weather liars say 40% rain for Saturday right now. One of those days will be at the gym also. Gotta keep the exercise up - the weight is coming off again! Yay!!

Anyways, I'll post later on in the week as to how I've done.

Well, I don't think it was a good idea to try and do intervals this afternoon (Monday) after work. I didn't even try them by the way. I didn't realize just how much all of this past weekend's riding affected my legs. I mean, I've ridden 100mi weekends before, and was able to do my intervals on Monday or Tuesday. I don't think it's going to happen this week.

That embarrassing fall I took before the ride put a hurting on my left knee. I must have hit the inside of my knee on the saddle or something. I have a reddish-black bruise with slight swelling that is really painful to the touch. Anyways, I went out after work to do a zone2 recovery ride 'cause I didn't think I could do intervals and it was recommended by the coach/mentor that I not do intervals. Rest, Recovery, Get Stronger. Where does he come up with all of this stuff? :)

But, anyone that knows me, knows I like to push the limits, to a fault sometimes. With that said, this afternoon I went out and hammered the first 30minutes - 18.3mph. But, that was it. No knee warmers, knees cold, and no high cadence drills. I tried the high cadence, but it made my knee hurt. Ended up just cruising back in really easy and ended up with a 16mph avg, 158/136/92.

I believe that I might just have to make this an easy week and let my knee heal. I don't want to jeapordize any of my upcoming rides. That, seriously, would not be good at all.

I stayed up too late last night (1am) and slept in this morning (Tuesday - 6:30am). I really didn't have a great day today and all morning/afternoon I was back 'n forth on whether to go to the gym or not. My mood got a little better later on in the afternoon and I decided that I just can't blow off going to the gym. So, worked late today and then to the gym. Didin't really want to work my legs with weights today so I thought I would just warm up on the bike and do core stuff.

Started out just going to do 15min warm up, but thought what the hell - I didn't do any high cadence drills yesterday - I'll do them on this bike. Man, those bikes just don't feel right. I did do 4x2min drills (>125) with 5min easy pedaling between them. I guess they just can't compare to riding on the road, but at least I got them done. I tried to hold the cadence above 125 and suceeded for the most part.

Cool...I'm glad I went to the gym and didn't blow it off. I would have felt really bad had I done that. Might go to the gym tomorrow too since it's going to be really high winds (20+mph). Thursday is looking pretty good though.

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