Friday, March 6, 2009

Mountain Weekend

Spending the weekend in the mountains. Left work early this morning, at 10am, so that I could get up here (Sylva/Cullowhee) to ride with my friend Barry. We rode from his place out the Caney Fork route - 34mi round trip. Only one little climb once you turn onto CF and then on the return trip back. It's a nice route, upgrade on the way out of probably 1-2%. Makes for a nice ride back down. You can really hammer it on the way down. It was a really fun ride.

Tomorrow, we (Andy, Neal, and I) are going to ride the Ring of Scott. 64mi with 8400' of climbing. I hope I survive.
Sunday will be one of my favorite routes (I think) - Burningtown.

Ride reports later....

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