Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trainer Intervals Suck

Damn. I'm whooped. Chose to ride the trainer this evening because I really didn't want to deal with the cold and try to do these at lunch nor after work. Talked to one of my BF friends about doing these on the trainer, how hard they were the last time I attempted them (and failed) and he was very encouraging. Had I note talked with him about these, I probably would have given up when they got hard. But, I didn't.

3x5min VO2 max intervals. I tried to do them at the same power that I was doing out on the road, but it's just way more difficult to do. I started out too hard for the first one and it got progressively worse with each one. Oh well. At least I maintained a constant effort for them. After the VO2's, I wanted to try and do 2x15min @ 95% of my FTP. I managed to do one. And it was no where near 95%. I am so damn tired now. I think I will be sleeping well tonight and do a recovery ride tomorrow during lunch.

#1: 205/201/102/170/21 (np/ap/rpm/hr/mph)
#2: 198/198/99/169/20.4
#3: 175/175/96/167/19.8

1x15min: 144/143/93/163/18.3

My cadence was really good on the first 2 intervals and just barely above the > 95 for the last 5min one. I'm really proud of myself for completing these, though I would be much happier if the 3x5's were reversed. My next set will be Friday unless I'm traveling to the mtns for the weekend.

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