Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Cx Ride at Umstead

We had some snow here last night and early this morning. About 3" in Clayton and probably about the same in the Raleigh area. After being shut in for the weekend due to the rain, I was determined to get out and ride the cx bike. I didn't get to ride in the snow we had in January because of the broken thumb, so I told myself if we got more snow, that I would be riding!

My friend Chris and I rode at Umstead this was pretty cold, not sure on the temp, but probably around 32/33F with some wind. The snow was gone on the trail, but it was still nice to get out and ride after 3 days off and sitting in the house all weekend because of the rain.

We saw one other cyclist out there on the trail, a couple of runners and some walkers on our way back. We decided not to do the Turkey Creek loop...Chris's hands were pretty cold and I only had an hour to ride...I wasn't really all that cold either, except my toes. I was rushing while getting ready and didn't take the time to put the toe covers on. I did have the chemical warmers tho, which are still on!!

So, here's the pics from today....

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