Saturday, February 28, 2009


Trainers=Torture Devices. I hate getting on that thing. Hate it. With a Passion. But, I felt like I needed to do something since I wasn't getting to ride the Frostbite Tour today. It was washed out. Rain all day today.

First session mid AM...wanted to try and do the intervals, but they are so hard/boring on the trainer and my mind was weak today. Lasted for 35min. Did I mention how much I hate riding that thing?? Since I didn't last very long, I thought I would attempt another session in the evening, trying to last longer than previously. Found LOTR: The Two Towers on tv and decided to watch some of that while riding. Lasted for 1hr this time. 1.5hr total trainer time today. 500 calories burned. Not much for 1.5hr total. Oh well.

I'm not sure that I'll ride the trainer tomorrow....that thing makes your butt a little bit sore. May do some upper body/core stuff in the morning and if we get a break in the rain, go for a walk. And, 3 showers in one day is a plenty!


skiffrun said...

"I needed to do something since I wasn't getting to ride the Frostbite Tour today. It was washed out."

Now, now, let's get it right. The ride was not "washed out"; it went as scheduled (I think). You (and Andy & Neal & the vast majority of the 350 riders) "washed out".

wolfpack said...

awww. well, i'm not much for riding in the rain in those temps. now, if it had been the summer and 85+ outside, i'm sure we would have ridden.

but, yea, the ride went on, with probably about 100 braving the weather to ride. just not worth it to me....cold, nasty/dirty bike afterwards. /rolleyes/ :)

skiffrun said...

"cold, nasty/dirty bike afterwards":

I'm already wondering if this coming Saturday is going to be similar to the Saturday after the Jan snow. A light drizzle started mid-ride, and all the sand and salt on the road became a very sticky mud. I spent more than two hours, maybe more, cleaning the bike. I do NOT want a repeat of that!