Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yay!!!! I am finally cast free after 4 weeks! The cast came off Tuesday - my birthday. What a great birthday present!!!

It's great to have that thing off, but the thumb is sore/painful....having it in one position for 4 weeks has lead to it being very stiff and sore. But, as of today, it's gotten slightly better. I'm sooo ready to get back out on the road. I did make a trip up to WNC this past weekend. We rode the Burningtown route on Saturday and the BRP from the Folk Art Center up to Craggy Gardens picnic area on Sunday. Can't say that the rides were easy. It was quite hard due to the cast and not really having a place to comfortably rest my hand. But, I survived! Damn. I love riding up there!!!

Plans for the weekend include riding tomorrow afternoon, Saturday morning with Lawrence/Dallas & the guys, and Sunday I will go preride the race course for next weekend's Wolfpack Classic Road Race. It will be my first road race....hope I can hang on!

But yea, it's great to be getting back to normal....:D

Only one picture from this past weekend...I had a flat and had to get someone (Andy) to change it for me since I had the cast on.


2whls3spds said...

Try Deep Gap Mountain further up the BRP 8-0


wolfpack said...

can do. but this past weekend was a struggle climbing with a cast on.