Thursday, February 26, 2009

High Cadence Drills

This afternoon after work, I headed over to Greenfield Industrial Park for another recovery-type ride with high cadence drills. It was 62F when I left work, but I think the temps must have started dropping shortly there after. I don't know if it was the temps or what, but my legs just didn't feel very snappy. Maybe I need a much longer warm up than 15min in temps such as this.

Anyways, 15min warm up and then my first high cadence drill. OMG. When you haven't done these in a really long time, you tend to forget how taxing it is on your lungs. Sheesh. The first one was sorta hard. 5min rest between intervals. Felt better on the last two, but didn't feel like I wanted to ride for 1.5hr. Finished up with a couple of loops near the car and also tried one hard/fast effort on a short hill for max power. ppppppffffffffttttt....that didn't go to well either. Legs just didn't have anything.

#1: 128/162/17 (rpm/ap/mph)
#2: 124/136/17.5
#3: 116/134/17.4

max power=708

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