Tuesday, February 17, 2009

VO2 max Intervals

Today's workout was to be 5x5min VO2 max intervals. I decided to do these after work because they required a 20min warm-up/cool down and I would have more time after work than during lunch. It was pretty cold at 4:30pm, ~45F and I did not have the proper clothing for this ride. No toe covers was the biggest problem. Toes froze.

Took a 20-21min warm-up then started the first interval. I felt really good, but I'm having shifting troubles and was not able to get a gear which allowed me to spin like I like too. I only did 3 of the intervals instead of 5, but felt as if I could have done all of them. The numbers:

#1: 221/211/82/15.1 (np/ap/rpm/mph)
#2: 211/210/85/15.5
#3: 211/211/86/15.4

The cadence is too low, but nothing I could do about it due to the shifting woes. Other than that, I (and Andy) think they look pretty good. No way could I have done this last year. Awesome. They weren't too terribly hard until the last minute.

Damn. I love structure. I'm so glad I have a plan for the next few weeks, otherwise, I'd not have any idea what to do and just do whatever. My buddy Lawrence called me early this morning telling me that he and another guy were going to Greenfield to ride this evening...I had to tell him "No". I didn't want to, but on the otherhand, I'm glad I did skip because it would have been pretty dang cold. It was also my first test in following my program and the Ten Commandments. Yay!!!

Tomorrow is 2x20's at 90-95% done on the trainer.

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