Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recovery Day & What Zone Am I???

The schedule calls for a 90min zone 3 ride today. Not going to happen. Not after those intervals yesterday. Those things seem to take a lot out of me, but I guess that's too be expected at the intensity they're done at. Instead, today I'll do a 60-75min zone 2 recovery ride and incorporate 4-5 powerstarts every 5min after warmup. I'll do the zone 3 ride tomorrow.

So, what am I using for FTP to set my power zones?? Hell if I know. Last year, in March I had a 20min max (normalized power) field test of 194w. Taking 5% off of that left me at around 184w. I used 185w to calculate the power zones used all last year. Now, after a good solid year of riding and training, I think these numbers are low. I'm just guessing on the FTP at this point what to use. I'll try to do a test next week, maybe on Friday afternoon - either on the normal FTP testing route or maybe I can get up to the mountains and do a hard 20min climb. I'll talk to Andy about that this weekend when he's here for the Frostbite Tour.

March 2008
zone 1: 0-103w
zone 2: 104-140w
zone 3: 141-167w
zone 4: 168-195w
zone 5: 196-223w
zone 6: 223w+

Right now, I'm guessing at an NP=205w giving me an FTP=195w. Maybe this is low too (or spot on) - just won't know until I get that test done.
zone 1: 0-108w
zone 2: 109-146w
zone 3: 147-176w
zone 4: 177-205w
zone 5: 206-234w
zone 6: 235w+

Powerstarts: These are short, maximal bursts, designed to develop power and convert the strength gained from resistance training to your cycling. Use large gearing and begin the effort at a low speed and near standstill. Jump up on the pedals and perform the exercise standing out of the saddle. Duration of powerstart is 8-10 seconds, done every 5min after warm up.

1 hr zone2 recovery ride, just barely. 5 powerstarts done every 5min after a 15min warm up.
799/800/728/801. cold. i wish it was warmer!!!! Damnit. My legs sure don't feel much like they are recovered. I doubt that I can do a 90min zone 3 or another day of VO2max intervals tomorrow. The friend/coach says I am under-estimating the stresses on my body that these intervals are taking on me. What???? As much as I don't want to say he's right (he's always right), I think he may be right. Again.


skiffrun said...

too much training

too much training

wolfpack said...

lol. no. you know how i am. i'm a training monster till around june. :)