Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ummm, how come I didn't remember that I can't do intervals on back to back days?? So, what made me think anything was different this year from last year?? Dunno. So, I was supposed to do 2x20min at 90-95% of FTP yesterday on the trainer.

Got home, set everything up, hopped on the bike and warmed up for 20min. Hmmmmmm...why are my legs feeling like crap in a warm up?? Move on to 5min at 100%. Hmmmmm...this isn't working. Why are my legs screaming?? 5min recovery from that and it's time to do the first 20min. Uh huh. Right. No can do. I last for maybe 8min and even that was not at 95%. So, I realized what I had done and remembered that Andy didn't have me doing back-back days of intervals last year. I had at least 1 day, if not 2, between hard intervals. I just finish up riding with something like 50min ride time.

Oh boy - my legs were really tired after that. Hell, all of me was tired. I got a little something to eat, chatted with a couple of friends, wathced NCSU lose to UNC and finally had to call it quits at 10:30pm. In bed before 11pm last night. I also took a lunesta because I was really too tired to fall asleep. Slept really well.

Rest, Recover, Get Stronger.

Today will be 1-1.5hr ride afterwork in zone 3. Have to tweak the plan a bit...I have to work up to the plan I previously posted....

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