Thursday, February 26, 2009

Assault On Mt Mitchell

It's on!!!!!

I had initially decided not to do this ride due to cost and one of the biggest reasons - having to get back to Spartanburg after the ride to get a vehicle in order to get home. Well, now, I'm pretty sure that I and my friend Neal have a spot on a chartered bus that will take us and our bikes to Spartanburg, allowing us to leave our vehicles in Marion and leave from there after completing AoMM.

Wow. This ride is pretty damn close! I'm going to have to get in a few centuries (Andy says a century every 2 weeks) between now and then so that doing 100mi is fairly easy. Oh boy. I'm really going to have to re-think the number of races I try to do now as well. I'll have to skip the race on 5/16 - probably not a good idea to do that 2 days before AoMM.

Found this depicting the route/elevation change. Oh boy. And this ride is almost a month earlier than last year. I've got to get on the ball!!!!!!! Oh boy. Can I do it? Will I survive? Damn. Would you believe I now have butterflies???

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