Thursday, February 12, 2009

Races & Rides

Well, that’s some kind of heavy racing/riding schedule I’ve got going on for this year! I don’t know that I’ll do all of the listed races, but I want to do at least 10 out of all those listed. There’s like 25 races listed plus 19-20 organized rides. Holy cow! I guess I’ll just have to see how I feel as the year progresses.

First race is this weekend – Wolfpack Classic down near Sanford. Could be a cold & wet race, but I hope not. As of today, there’s only myself listed as registered for the women’s 4 race. It’ll probably be like the cx races, where the women sign up at the last minute (day before). I hope so. Otherwise, it looks like I could be racing with the men’s cat 5 group. Just want to keep the rubber side down, no crashes for this first race. If I actually place somewhere, that will be a bonus. Most likely not tho, but that’s ok.

After the WPC, there are no races planned for me until March. That’s really a good thing because I need to get back onto schedule and start my training for Burnsville and Mitchell. Everything in between those 2 rides are B rides and the races, well, they’ll just be whatever they are. Maybe I can get one of my BF friends to help set up a small training program for the racing part….

Nothing like a plate full of races/rides to get one motivated for training!!!

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