Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Riding

Called up Lawrence on Thursday or Friday and asked what the guys were going to be doing this weekend. He said that they planned on doing a 40mi ride at a slow pace on Saturday morning. After talking with him, I thought to myself..."40mi? that's it? just 40mi??" Well, let me tell ya, it was all I could do to complete this ride today.

My first ride without the cast and I can definitely tell that I have not been riding much over the past 4 weeks. I struggled for the first 25mi, to the planned store stop, averaging around 18.5mph. The last 17mi was extremely hard. The route took us over rolling terrain and it seemed like my legs just didn't have anything left to hit the climbs hard. Had a bit of cramping issues towards the end of the ride as well. Ended up with 42mi and 17.5 (or was it 17.3?) average. I also had a 20min power that was the best I've had....210/191 (np/ap).

Tomorrow, we ride again, but only for 30-35mi and probably about the same pace. It's supposed to be just as nice tomorrow as it was was a chilly start (for here) at 32F, but warmed up fairly quickly. Warmed up to around upper 60's almost 70F for today. Tomorrow to be at least 70 or better!

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nickel said...

I'm nervous about doing high mileage. The most I've done since Jan has been 20-ish mi on the trainer.

I am dusting off the skinny-tires since it has been above freezing for 2 days in a row!