Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Brrrrrr. Just came back inside from a very quick walk around the buildings here at work. Wind is picking up and it felt quite chilly!

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I brought all of my cycling clothes and my bike with me to work today so that I could ride, but I think I'm gonna skip the ride and go look for a winter cycling jacket. I have a PI Gavia Jacket, but it's a Men's XL and is just too big on me since I've lost 25 pounds. And, the sleeves come all the way to the tip of my fingers. I need something more fitted & flattering to wear. So, I'll head to Performance at lunch to try stuff on and maybe get something.


Well, I decided to ride home from work since I went to Performance for a jacket. I got a Women's Barrier Jacket. It didn't work. It was too short in the back and my back was cold on the way home. Pretty much everything was cold on that ride. Traffic was horrible because I left too late too. I took the Barrier jacket back and will keep the Gavia Jacket.

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