Saturday, December 8, 2007

Col de Lystra

Well, I will be heading out shortly to get a new chain for the bike since that seems to be the problem. After I get the new chain, I'm heading out to Harris Lake to do a 40-50mi ride which will include Col de Lystra. Harris Lake is a nice starting point as it has bathrooms available for changing. There's a seriously hard hill near Jordan Lake on Lystra Road, the Col de Lystra as it has been called. It's one long hill that has a couple of flattish sections in it to make you think you've reached the crest. But no!! Just when you think you're done, it starts going back up again! I'll try to get some pictures as I ride today.

The ride turned into a 56mi ride cause I missed the Lystra Rd turn. It was a little windy on the ride to Lystra and I wasn't feeling great. Guess it had something to do with not eating much for supper last night. Duh! Stopped at a store for a Snickers and then off for the detour. Riding down the road, thinking, "man, this doesn't look quite right". Decided to turn around and yep, I missed my turn. On to the Col.

I made it up that climb, then took a rest at 15/501 before heading on. Once I got to Big Woods Road, I was doing fine till I realized the bike was making a "whomp, whomp" noise. I looked at rear tire and it was farkin' flat. So, I call the SU (spousal unit) and ask him to come get me as I don't have any stuff with me. I'm waiting on him to get there and another cyclist comes along and asks if I'm ok. Yes I'm ok, have called for support. He offers to fix the flat so I can finish the ride. Yay!

So, I head on after getting flat fixed. That road seemed to go on forever! Anyways, not much else to say about the ride except I would have gone on for 7 more miles to complete a metric, but was unsure if Harris Lake Park would be open. It's around 4:30pm by the time I get back, so I might not have had enough time.

Anyways, wolfpack is tired but happy that I did this ride. It was fun!!

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