Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zack Attack Ride From The Grocery Bag

Met some of my friends at the local meeting place for our rides. We had a total of 10 people for the ride - 2 of which were only going to do 20 miles and at a slower pace. The rest of us were going to do the Zack Attack route, which takes you to Pine Level and back to the Grocery Bag. This route is 42 miles and really pretty flat. About 6 miles into the ride, my friend Erica decides to turn around as she isn't feeling well.

The rest of us went on from there. The pace was fairly fast, but not so fast that we couldn't talk to each other occassionally or ride side by side. We also had the wind with us all the way to Pine Level. After a brief stop at the local gas/service station, we headed back out. Unfortunately, the wind was a headwind now:(. It really slowed the group down, but that was ok too. Nothing really interesting happened on the way back except that I started to fade pretty fast. Most likely cause I didn't eat enough. Finished up climbing Jordan-Narron, which has a hill that just goes on and on.

After we finish the ride, load our bikes up and change clothes, 5 of us go down to the Grocery Bag for something to eat. Man, they have the best hotdogs and cheeseburgers!! Ate a hotdog & cheeseburger washed down with some chocolate milk. Yummy.

Stats for my ride:
Distance=43 miles
Ride Time=2:37hr

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