Monday, December 31, 2007

Cudo's to my Physical Therapist

I just want to add a little post here about all the great work my physical therapist, Matt, has done for me since May of this year. I sent him a link to the threads about the Tour de Pain and showed him the profile of the ride. He thought it was awesome that I was able to do this ride.

Just a bit about why I have been seeing a physical therapist. I took a day off from work back on May 11 to do a 50+ mile ride with my riding friends, Jay & Jon. First of all, I hadn't been feeling real well that week and I didn't pre-hydrate before the ride. During the ride, I only drank 2.5 bottles of fluid and on some of the small climbs, I pushed too large of a gear. I cramped really bad on this ride and even tho, I was sore & tired the next morning, I got up and did a group ride with the Selma Cyclepaths. Not a good idea. I could hardly walk the rest of the weekend, bending the right knee was very painful. Went to see my doctor the following Monday. Bursitis/Tendonitis was the Dx. Treatment, meaning, do not ride your bike! If after 4 weeks of rest, it wasn't better then I should see a PT.

Humph! I rested for 1.5 to maybe 2 weeks. No riding at all. I missed the SE Bikeforums mountain ride. Then the 23rd or 24th, I went to see Matt. He diagnosed me with Pes Anserine Bursitis and worked a miracle on my knee. After 3 visits, I was told that I could most likely start doing very easy rides of no longer than 30 minutes. So, of course, give me an inch and I'll take a mile! I rode 30 min on 5/26, 5/27, and an hour on 5/28! A few more Saturday group rides, a few more visits with Matt and I felt all better. But, I had to do a follow-up with my doctor, who, needless to say, wasn't pleased that I still had the amount of pain I did in my knee. I had to 'fess up and tell him I had only rested 2wks. He gave me another 4 wks. I listened this time.

I still saw Matt about 1x/week until about the middle of July. Oh the exercises he had me do!! He's a real meanie when it comes to doing stretches & exercises. Tons of lunges, squats (watch that door! make sure it's closed!), other things for the hamstrings. And, no riding at all during this time:(. When I did start riding again, it was hotter than hell here and I had lost a lot of my fitness. Trying to come back to riding in late July/early August was a bitch. But, I managed to get more riding in, gradually increasing my time and distance. I was also released by Matt, but was welcome back anytime.

So, this guy has been the greatest! I come in to see him every couple of months to get a little bit of treatment after I've done too much and not been stretching. The last time I saw Matt was just prior to the TdP. They worked me in to see Matt because it was the week before Christmas and I had the TdP trip the following week. Matt just says he's my enabler:). I went in to see him today and, even tho, there was a little bit of pain, it wasn't too bad. Considering the climbing I did, I'm really happy that I don't have more pain....

Anyways....Matt - you have done a great job! I don't think I would have been able to do the mountainous rides I've done since August if it weren't for the work Matt has done. I'll try to do more stretching this coming year! I got a foam roller and dvd that I will be using to work on the hips & legs. Hopefully, I won't need to see Matt too much next year!

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