Monday, December 3, 2007

Incomplete Sunday Ride/Bike Fit

Well, I attempted to do a 25-30 mile ride yesterday (Sunday, December 2), but unfortunately, I didn't dress properly for the conditions. It was around 43F and very slight wind. I wore my Wheaties Jersey, PI shorts & tights, arm warmers, toasties, Wheaties socks, PI Vagabond vest, polypro gloves & regular gloves. I thought that I might warm up slightly, but after 10-15minutes, I was still pretty cold. I made it to 30min and decided to go home.

I think the lack of the neck gaitor & something on my head was the real problem. My head & neck were really cold as were my feet. All I could think about was getting home and a hot shower. Oh & learn...

I also went to see Bill Roberts in N. Raleigh to have him check my bike fit. I have been having some pain on the left side of my butt, in the pantyline. Thought it might be because I had switched saddles & not got it back in the right place. So, that's the reason for checking the fit. Pretty much, after I put the white Butterfly back on the bike, it was just about in the correct position. Bill watched me pedal, took all sorts of measurements and then told me that I looked good on the bike and that most likely I should look at the shorts! I have been wearing some PI Microsensor shorts and I don't think that these agree with me. Gonna go back to the Sugoi RS Flex Shorts. At least he didn't charge me the $125 for fitting. Bill also told me that I need to start stretching at least 15 minutes a day. Will start that this evening.

Gonna wear the Sugoi's tomorrow and the rest of the week (after washing of course). Might be able to use the other shorts I've got if I do shorter rides.

As for today - it is a no ride day. Resting up, then intervals tomorrow! Yay!

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