Monday, December 24, 2007

Catch Up....

Well, the office Christmas party was fun. I fixed 300 of those wonton wrapper appetizer things, ~100 pigs 'n blanket, 40 deviled eggs, a huge pan of baked ziti, and 2 loaves of garlic bread. Not much work really happened that day. I left officially at 1:30pm for 11 days (inlcuding weekends) of vacation. I'll be heading up to the Sylva area towards the end of the week to participate in the ride(s) with Jschen & BikeWNC.

I rode on Saturday, and performed the field test again to see if my threshold power had increased. It has not, but my cadence, avg speed, and distance for the same 20min time period had. I felt decent after completing the test and headed back towards the car. About 10mi from the end, I hear ppfffftttt:(. It was coming from the front tire this time. I pulled over and changed the tube; it was hard as crap to get the tire back on, but I managed to roll it on. As I was putting the wheel back on, a group of riders came by and asked if I needed help. No, but jumped on and rode back with them. It was Lawrence & Artie and about 5 others that I didnt know. Good to ride with them!

For today, Monday, Christmas Eve, I headed out for a ride, not really having a destination or a time limit in mind. I ended up riding out towards Benson & 4Oakes, with 52mi, 3.25hr. It was a beautiful day - around 55F and just a bit of wind. Here's my motionbased data.

I may not post anymore till after my mountain ride....

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