Friday, December 14, 2007

Easy/Rest Week

*Sigh* This week was to be my rest/easy riding week. It's a good thing too, cause I was really feeling tired after this past weekend. So, I took Monday & Tuesday off - no biking at all. Wednesday I decided to ride and even tho it was really windy, I did a lot better on this ride. I felt really good and was ready to ride again Thursday, but unfortunately, work got in the way. Then "that time of the month" got in the way. I felt like warmed over dog food today:(. I was going to take my bike to work and ride at lunch, but when I got up this morning, I knew I wouldn't be riding. That's ok tho. I'll ride tomorrow and maybe Sunday if the wind isn't whistling at 22+mph!

Haven't got anything done to the beater bike. I plan on working on it this weekend tho. Gonna get some stuff to remove the rust and see if I can get the frame cleaned up. Can't install the crankset till I get a bottom bracket. Should get that sometime next week. Guess I'll just work on getting things cleaned up and maybe prepped for a paint job...

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