Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Intervals in Brief Snow

Today was Interval Day. 4x4min in L4. The warmup had me see a bit of snow/sleet for a very brief period (maybe 2-3minutes and then gone). Then it was over. Intervals went pretty well, but I did the first one too hard. The other three were in the correct range. The last one just about made me puke when I finished! I was pretty tired the rest of the afternoon. A salad doesn't seem to cut it very well, but I'm not very hungry after doing these intervals.

I'm going to be getting a beater bike from a BikeForums member tomorrow. He's sending it to me free of charge! I just have to find a crankset, bottom bracket, chain, cables, etc. Not too much I don't think. I'm looking for Shimano 600 Arabesque components on ebay. My SU (spousal unit) doesn't know I'm getting this. Boy is he going to be surprised. Maybe since it's free he won't be too upset.

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