Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cold, Windy, and Rainy/Sleety Ride

Wow! Starting temps for this ride was in the low 40's and windy. I had planned on doing a 39mi route, but when I got there, changed my mind. Then changed my mind again. I wasn't too cold on this ride despite the temperatures & wind. Around 10mi or so into the ride, it starts to mist rain. Everyone I was riding with wanted to push on because it wasn't supposed to really start raining till after lunch.

The route we rode was a bit hilly, but nothing too hard. The route had around 1700' of elevation change over 39.4mi. Around 10-13mi before we got back from the ride, the misty rain turned to sleet and then a hard rain. I actually wasn't too uncomfortable. Guess I had the correct amount of clothing on this time. Tho, my Craft & Hammer jersey were totally wet, as were my shorts, when I finished, it wasn't because of the rain. It was just from sweating. The Gavia jacket really kept me warm and dry.

I also got to ride with 3MTA3 (Ryan) for the first time since the Southeastern BikeForums Mountain ride. He's such a sweet guy! But, he droped the hamer on me the last half of the ride! He's a very strong rider and made the ride look so easy. He's moving back to Michigan next week tho:(. Gonna go to grad school. He'll be missed!

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