Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Finally!! The day has arrived! My kids are visiting with their Dad in Charlotte and won't be here until this afternoon. It's ok...as long as they are here later today, I'll be happy.

So, what have I been up to this morning?? Well, the SU and I are going to fix a Christmas dinner, so we got the turkey in the oven around 8:30, eggs were boiled & deviled eggs are made, the ham is in now...just have to fix the rice & gravy, green beans, corn on cob and anything else we think of.

Phone calls made to family members. I called my Dad and talked to him for the first time since August 24 of this year. I sent a Christmas package to him & my step-mom of several different food items that they could cook - all of it purchased at the World Market. I also wrote him a letter telling him that it was time we stopped being so damn stubborn. I don't really know what to make of the conversation we had this morning, when I called to wish him a Merry Christmas. He didn't really seem to want to talk too much to me, so we only talked about 5min! I talked to my step-mom, Gladys for a bit and she gave me the latest on how he's doing. For any BF peeps who recall my post back in August about my Dad, he's doing better since he got a stent and a pacemaker, but his short term memory is still not very good. Anyways, I guess we'll see how things progress...

After all the phone calls were completed, the SU and I opened our gifts to each other. I got a foam roller, a Craft longsleeve baselayer, Sugoi RS Flex shorts, Body fragrance by Victoria's Secret, and a new set of jammies from VS. And, no, don't think I'll post any photo's in the Foo Wimmen thread of me modeling the jammies - use your imagination!! My SU received a Peanuts box set (1963-1966), Slang Justice cd, Mack Bolen audio book, Indiana Jones Widescreen dvd set. Plus, we have to wait till the kids get here to open the gifts from them....

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