Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Hammer Ride!

First ride with ‘The Hammers’ last night. These guys generally ride pretty fast during the riding season – 20+mph averages, but right now they are taking it ‘easy’ and only doing around 18-19mph!

We rolled out around 5:40pm for a 28mi ride. Headed out from Archer’s Lodge down Covered Bridge to Thanksgiving and rode Thanksgiving all the way to Hwy 39. They opened up a gap on me in the climb up to Thanksgiving, but I caught back up with them after the turn and didn’t have any problem keeping up with them for the remainder of the ride.

We mostly rode double paceline and occasionally single and not much rotating through. I think these guys were just cruising tonight. We had one stop at 14.5 miles for some stretching, then it’s back in the saddle and hammer out till we reach Antioch Church Road. I knew this was going to be my downfall so I just said the heck with it after we crossed Hwy 39 and took the lead up the first little grade. Me and another guy leading out…and I refused to be beaten to the crest. I’m pretty sure he could’ve beat me (these guys are all really strong and wowza! You should see the calves on these guys!!!), but I guess he just let me go.

That was it then. My legs were cooked especially after the 51mi ride the day before and not getting the proper recovery meal in afterwards (unless you want to count the 2 Old Scratch beers I had /rolleyes/). A couple of downhills and I stuck like glue to Jay’s wheel for the one between Hwy 39 & 96. On the climb after 96 I was able to stay with Jay for a short distance, but my legs were killing me and I just couldn’t.

The Hammers do not wait on you if you get dropped. I got dropped on Antioch. It was getting a bit dark by this time and Jay waited on me at Thanksgiving and we rode back together until the last climb on Covered Bridge. I just rode it at my pace – no need to kill myself now.

It was a great ride, I think I did pretty dang good till the end. 28.5mi, 17.7mph average (18.3 till Antioch). I’ll probably try to ride with them once a week. Maybe on Thursday’s because Jay says that is their easier ride (Hammer City on Tuesday’s).


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