Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Friday!

Yay! It's finally Friday! It has been one hellacious week this week. A bit of riding this week, though I tried to keep it on the easy side since my calf is sore and I have the new bike set-up going on.

Monday was VO2max intervals. 4x3min w/ 5min rest. Mentor is dropping the rest time down on me! Felt pretty good doing them even though I didn't eat hardly anything all day long. They were ok, though the mentor says they were good. Cadence wasn't where it should've been, but whatever. 209/100, 200/85, 192/100, 197/100, and 188/96. The last one was a 'just for the hell of it' one, because when I finished the 4th one, wasn't really sure that I felt like doing another one...

Tuesday no riding.

Wednesday was just a zone 2 easy ride that turned a bit hard the last half. The first 15mi I had a really nice tail wind from the Grocery Bag all the way to Cletus' little store at Shoeheel. 20mph avg! W00t! Wish I could do that all the time. The last half then, of course, was into the wind. That sucked big time. 1:40 ride time.

Thursday was my son's birthday, he is now 17yo. After doing the birthday thing with him, I hung around the house a bit, but just couldn't stand was like 70 something outside so I just had to go for a short ride. Another zone 2 ride and really short because I started so late (6:30pm). Only 10 miles, but I worked on keeping my cadence above 95 (97avg). Did one PowerStart for 718w.

And, now here we are at Friday! I'm thinking about going out to the Bypass and doing some VO2max intervals again. With the new bike set-up, I'm interested in seeing if those numbers (or any interval number, i.e. zone 4) will be slightly higher since I will be able to incorporate more quads into the pedal stroke.

Tomorrow's plan is for something around 52-62 miles riding from the Grocery Bag....

Oh yea...I think I'm going to go and do the Crowder's Mountain Metric ride on 04/13 since I don't think I can do Tour de Cashiers at this time.


nickel said...

Just wanted to let you know that I find your blog super interesting, especially the use of power data. Is 209/100 mean your cadence was 200? I don't know many other women who track their training so closely, so it's nice to know there are others out there. I haven't started VO2 max intervals yet (finishing Base2) but I admit to being excited to start really suffering soon. [followed over from bikeforums]

wolfpack said...

Thanks! The 209 is my average power for the VO2max interval and the 100 is my cadence.

I'm a numbers geek...the more data I have the happier I am. Though, it does get a bit overwhelming sometimes!