Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rest, Recover, Get Stronger

That's it. After looking at my ride data for the past 3 weeks, I believe it's time for an easy week. I've had consecutive weeks of increasing mileage (100, 110, & 164mi) and I'm really tired now.

I went out last night to the Oh Melo Velo/Slow Spokes ride in Cary, planning on doing an easy recovery-type ride. The fast guys (18/19+) took on off and I made no attempt to tag along this time. Hooked up with Jon, who had just ridden 45mi before this ride, and we rode for several miles together. He turned around before heading up this really steep short hill and I kept going. I climbed that monster better than I have before but decided that I should not attempt to go any further...well, went on out to Hwy 55 and then headed back. A few people commented on how tired I was looking....yea, I am tired. Had the usual 2 Blue Moons & a portobella sammich w/salad at the post-ride chow & guzzle. I think if I don't make the rest of this week easy, that I'm going to see that performance loss and I will get frustrated. Gotta ride smart.

So, I'm going to finish this week out with zone2 rides, maybe work on the cadence some, take Saturday off and then do the pre-ride of the Crowder's Mtn Metric on Sunday. And, I need to get to bed by 11pm, not 11:30pm or 12am. I don't get enough rest and I can't sleep in till 8am every morning..

Rest, Recover, Get Stronger.

That will leave 4 weeks until the Burnsville Metric. 3 weeks of increasing mileage/hard workouts and then the week before Burnsville will be an easy week. I'd like to have 3, but at least 2, rides with climbing in them before BM. I'll get one of those this weekend, Crowder's Mtn (3000'), then again on 4/13, and maybe a trip to do some of the Triple Hump route for the last ride.

*Edit* Ride Smart. ^RRGS. I had to make a decision based on being smart, getting rest/recovery to get stronger. I'm bailing on the pre-ride of Crowder's Mtn metric on Sunday. I most likely will feel like I can do the ride, but in the best interest of my cycling, I decided to not do that ride this weekend.

So, I'm going to take it easy the remainder of the week, zone 2 rides of an hour, work on the cadence a bit, then be ready to hit it hard again for the next 3 weeks.


nickel said...

I have found rest weeks to be really beneficial so far. Before cycling, I was inadvertently doing them in weightlifting and I was always able to do so much more after taking some time off.

wolfpack said...

Yea, it really just creeped up on me...After the FTP test last Friday and the riding I did Sat/Su, I was really tired Monday. Then VO2max intervals was the icing on the cake. I definitely need some rest.