Sunday, March 30, 2008

Intervals Are On The Menu

I've got some new stuff to do now! The mentor guy changed up my training to include some new seriously painful interval work. I'll be doing this from now until the Burnsville Metric and then again starting about a month prior to Assault on Marion.

Zone 6 - anaerobic capacity work. Go as hard as I possibly can for the interval duration, minimal rest, repeat. 2x/week. Long tempo rides on the weekend, which for me, I want to be in the 4hr range starting next weekend and work up to 5hr or more by AoM.

Mondays: 2 @ 3x1min z6, 1min rest. 6min rest between sets.
Tuesdays/Wednesdays: one day will be an easy zone 2 recovery ride, 1.5 - 2hr, one day totally off bike.
Thursdays: 2 @ 3x30s z6, 30s rest. 3min rest between sets.
Fridays: probably off or a zone 2 recovery ride, 1.5 - 2hr.
Saturdays: long zone 3 tempo ride. i'll be starting at 4hr length and working up to more time in the saddle in preparation for AoM and other longer rides.
Sundays: zone 2 recovery ride, half the duration as Saturday's ride.

This stuff will, hopefully, help me get faster and also help to be able to recover more quickly (I think). If this dang rain would just stop now....(yea, I know we need the rain, but it's seriously messing with the training). I may have to learn to ride when the roads are wet....

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