Monday, March 10, 2008


A new week, but nothing really new. My right hamstring is still a bit sore, the medial joint line of right knee still hurts a bit. It just sucks big time right now and not just the knee/leg problems. Just everything. I don't think the actual mountain ride was the cause of the pain I'm having now...I think it was the lowering of the saddle that 0.5cm and then doing that ride. But, I'm going to leave it there for now, as it does feel a bit more comfortable than before.

I think I also need to work on strengthening the hamstrings and the VMO (
vastus medialis obliquus) muscle. Stretching is just going to have to become a habit 'cause sitting at this damn desk/computer all day does nothing but hurt the situation. I am getting up and stretching the hammies just about every hour. And back on the 800mg of ibuprofen. *sigh*

I managed to do some powerstarts yesterday...had a max power of 780w. I want to break 800w. Might try again on Wednesday. Think I probably need to make sure I use just a bit easier gear so that I can get the cadence up into the 90's instead of the low 80's or lower. Well, see. Might try a long ride on Saturday. I haven't ridden long since the Frostbite Tour and I really need to ride long just to do it and to get away.

Dang. I am in serious need of some hugs. :( I don't feel like writing any more about riding right now, except to say I should have a package in the mail this offset seatpost. Hope there are some instructions on what I'm supposed to do as far as set up...

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