Monday, March 31, 2008

Intervals In The Rain

Yep. I seriously HTFU today. I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 9:30am, so I slept in, got up and went to that and then decided that I needed to get these intervals out of the way.

So, at 10:30am this morning, I got my gear on and headed out into a light drizzle. The street I live on is fairly straight & flat and dead-ends, so I figured this would be a good place to do the intervals today since the roads were wet. I rode 10min out, turned around and came back. On the return trip, I got in a 2.5min zone 4/5 with decent cadence, in preparation for the real intervals. I know people were probably thinking what is that fool doing - out riding in the rain.

The intervals: 2 sets of 3x1min zone6 with 1min rest between intervals and 6min rest between sets. Wow. I went wayyyyyy too hard on the first one initially and didn't even finish it. Did a little better on the other 2 for that set. Damn. Yes, those are a bit hard. Second set was a little better - I tried to not go as hard for the first 20s, but still hard enough, and then build up to the most I could do. I might have been able to get out of the saddle towards the end of each interval for 5s or so, but on wet roads, I didn't want to do something to cause me to wreck.

Wow. When I was finished with these, I was really hurting. Probably could have used a bit more time to cool down, but in the rain, all I wanted to do was get out of the soaking clothes, empty my shoes of the water sloshing around in them, and get a hot shower. Me just after getting back home:
Yes. These were hard. Yes, I'm tired now. And, I was tired earlier. Didn't go to work today either.

#1: 248/529/106 (ap/max/rpm)
#2: 244/398/92
#3: 230/360/85
#4: 267/357/82
#5: 227/345/82
#6: 244/341/88

And, it's still raining....looks as if it will be raining again tomorrow as well. There is a narrow window of riding opportunity from 10-12, but I think I'll wait till Wednesday to get the recovery ride in - no rain then.

Did I mention that these intervals were hard???? I bet Thursday's intervals are going to be worse!

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