Friday, March 7, 2008

Cramping Issues

Well, I’ve decided to go see my PT this afternoon. The cramping that I had on the Frostbite Tour and my recent mountain ride has left my calf/knee/hamstring really hurting. I have been stretching since the Frostbite, but it’s not helping a lot right now. Hurts like the dickens right now. Well, I suppose it (stretching) is helping, but I need to go see Matt and let him work his magic. It’s going to hurt like hell this afternoon.

Damnit. My hamstring hurts. Medial side of knee hurts. The tendonitis/bursitis has really flared back up. Matt wants to see me for 5 visits. Deep massage, ultrasound, & ionophoresis to get some steroid stuff into the painful/inflamed area. He did suggest or mention that I could get a shot (still doesn't recommend it) and then a step-down steroid to help with reducing the inflammation. Doesn't really like that idea, because he knows I won't stop riding and that it may just do more harm because I'll be feeling good and work harder.

He would really like for me to take a couple of months off - no riding what-so-ever and maybe this would really heal. I just can't do that right now. Can't or won't? Doesn't matter. It's not happening right now. He will try to 'enable' me so that I can continue riding this spring/summer/fall, but really suggests that I take off from around Thanksgiving till maybe the first of February and heal. I don't know...if I can make it until then I might think about it.

Such a bummer. I can't stop riding. I would be 10x as cranky as I am now. This is my only way to relieve the personal (& work related) stress that just piles up on me. Damnit.

The cramping is really annoying. I’ve never had problems like this before with cramping. After about 30-35mi, I start cramping in my right inner calf. Always starts on the right side. Sometimes, I can get it to stop or lessen, but lately I’ve not had any such luck. This past Sunday on the Burningtown route, I started getting the cramps in both calves after, probably 2 hours of riding. It then, as usual, progressed up my leg to the VMO muscle. So, if I got out of the saddle to climb, my right quad would start to cramp. Makes climbing really hard. After the ride was very bad. Got back to the car and as soon as I did, I had a cramp in my right quad even before getting off the bike. Then another one in the left quad. Damn, those suckers hurt!

Could be that the cramping is caused by the weight loss that’s occurring. And, since I’m not eating a whole lot, I’m sure that there’s some deficiencies in some key minerals. Probably dehydration as well because I’ve been very slack about drinking my water too. But, since this past Sunday, I have stopped drinking the diet Sundrop and replaced it with water. I was consuming probably 2 -2.5 20oz bottles a day and no water. I’m now doing at least 72oz of water a day (no Sundrop’s) and adding Lite Salt to my food. Hopefully, that will help some.

I’m also making some changes to the fit on the bike…this might have a little bit to do with the hamstring soreness. Lowered my saddle 0.5cm to help get my foot in a more level position as I pedal instead of the toe-down pedaling I have been doing. It could be that the toe-down pedaling is contributing to the calf cramping. But, I really think it’s more due to lack of proper minerals/vitamins and dehydration that I’ve been having such problems with cramping.

I do have an appointment with my regular doctor on Monday concerning the weight loss. He’s aware of it and I’ve been under his supervision (somewhat) since August of last year. I hope to be down to some respectable weight (155-160 pounds) by June and will discontinue the meds & weight loss then. That will be soooo nice to be that slim again! Anyways, maybe I need to supplement the diet with some vitamins or something else – blood test needed to check for deficiencies?? Yuck, I hope not. Needles=bad.

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