Friday, March 21, 2008

FTP Re-test

Repeated my field test for threshold power this afternoon. O.M.G. This was the hardest one that I've done by far since the first one in November. I guess I might have gone too hard/fast the first 10min because I had a lot of trouble focusing and maintaining for the last 8 to 10 minutes. There was a bit of coasting during this time because I just couldn't continue.

I finished up right before crossing I-95 into Kenly and had to just lay on the handlebars for a couple of minutes before attempting to even get off the bike. When I did try to get off I almost fell off. I had nothing left, couldn't have gone a bit further I don't think. This time, I seriously did think about calling SAG to come get me. But, after resting a bit, eating a gel, drinking some fluids, I decided to ride on back to the car.

My next test will be when I do the first TT in CLT on 4/09. I'm looking forward to the TT, but not the pain it will require to complete. Damn - I absolutely hate this test.

November/December test numbers: NP/AP=181/180, 19.5mph, 88rpm. 182/180, 20.1mph, 96rpm.
March test numbers: NP/AP=193/190, 20.8mph, 94rpm.

Not sure for tomorrow's ride...Hammers might be too much for me after today's ride. May have to stick with the original plan & ride with Jay & Tommy.....

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