Friday, January 4, 2008

1st Week of the New Year

Well, this has seemed like a really long week for me. I sure wish that I could have taken this week off as well and just started the New Year on a complete week. It wasn't really that bad, just seemed long for some reason.

I didn't ride any after the New Year Day's ride because the temps did not get out of the 30's(F) for Wednesday and Thursday and included very strong winds. This made the windchill probably around high 20's to low 30's. No ride today either, tho one was planned. I stayed up too late last night and overslept this morning, so nothing was ready to ride. And, I am out of Chocolate Gu. I had to find some from somewhere, so I did this during lunch. Performance is still out of stock in the store:(. The Spin Cycle had an opened box with 10. I bought all of them! Will probably use 3/4 of them on tomorrow's ride.

So, I would write more about general life, but it seems pretty boring to me. And, you never know who will be reading the blog, so I wouldn't want to write something that might, ummm, be read by the wrong people and taken the wrong way.

I'd like to do some traveling, maybe this year or next year, to other parts of the US to meet and ride with other BF members. VegaVixen is talking of going to Cali when BWNC does so that we can have a Suth'un Invasion! That sounds good, but I'm not all that sure I can do it this year. I had thought about doing the Triple Bypass out in Colorado, but BWNC thinks I should wait till next year and get more mountain training "under my belt" so to speak. But, I think I could do the ride if I trained for it - the only thing is, you can't train for that elevation around here. We max out at 6500'+ and I think that ride starts at that elevation and goes past 10,000'.

Tonight, I'm going to attempt to make the pasta puttanesca that BWNC fixed me & Jason last week. I hope the family likes it. It has olives in it and the SU and son don't like them. Why is it that they (SU) are not very willing to try new foods??? Basalmic vinegar? Forget it. I say the hell with it. I'm gonna start fixing things that I like to eat and they can either eat it or fix something else. This should be good for carbs for my long ride tomorrow.

Looking to ride around 60-65miles. Gonna ride 8mi to the start of the ride, do the 51mi ride, then ride 8mi back to my car and drive home. We're starting a little later (10am) due to the chillier temps forecasted at 9am. I have to get to the point where I can ride for at least 75mi and produce 2400kJ of work in order to be able to do the Assault on Marion ride. Plus, this will help me ride my first century on February 23 at the Frostbite Tour. Anyways, I'm tired of typing now:)


bmclaughlin807 said...

About the Triple:

Lots of flatlanders come up and do that ride... it's really not that bad. Just pay attention to your body and don't over do it! The climbs aren't horrendously steep... just long. SuperNana is gonna do the ride with Club Hypoxia and she's only been riding since last spring!

It is a great ride, there will be much fun had by all! (And maybe a little suffering, too :p )

It'd be a pleasure to ride with you!


wolfpack said...

Well, Bill, I'm very seriously considering doing this ride. I need to discuss with the SU tho....

Hopefully, I'll get to do it and meet some more really cool BF people!.