Friday, January 11, 2008

Registered for a few events now

Well, I am now registered for 3 biking events for February, April, and May. Frostbite Tour for 63mi, Burnsville Metric, and the Raven Rock Ramble (63mi). I'm still undecided on the distance for the Frostbite Tour (63 or 100mi) as the 100mi goes right by the starting point to complete 37 more miles. It's back over some roads we will have already ridden including Flower Hill (steep by our standards here in flatland) and Antioch Church Rd. Guess I'll just have to see how I feel and whether I can get with a good group and not expend too much energy during the 63mi.

The Burnsville Metric is my "A" event for this spring. My goal is to train right, do what I'm supposed to do in training and this will show on the ride. Ride Smart. And then there's the Raven Rock Ramble....this will be my 3rd year for registering for this event. It has rained every year on ride day and I have yet to ride this event! This year will be different. Unless it's just absolutely pouring cats & dogs on the ride day, I'm going to ride. Wet roads will be ok. Just do it.

So, that's all I'm registered for as of now. I will be registering for Assault on Marion, maybe the 3 Mountain Madness (it may be too close to Marion tho), Blood, Sweat, & Gears is a big maybe, then Ride for the Land, and of course I want to get a few TT's done this year too.

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