Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just...I don't know....

Well, "that" time of the month now. I hate this time. I'm bitchy, bloated, and just "ill" in general. Just don't talk to me. I can't even ride tomorrow because I won't feel like it. But maybe Friday will be a little better. If it is, I'm gonna do some farkin' 8min x 3 intervals in my zone 4.

There's no actual group ride scheduled for Saturday. I've been trying to find people to ride with, to no avail. May just end up doing the Frostbite Tour 63mi route by myself or maybe JayC will ride with me.

I did register for the Frostbite Tour and Raven Rock Ramble today. Also printed out the registration for the Burnsville Metric.

Well, after looking at the projected forecast, it appears that I will not be riding on Friday (intervals) as it's supposed to be raining. I haven't heard anything about group riding yet for Saturday, so I may just do the intervals Saturday morning and get in about another hour's worth of riding and call it good. I guess I won't ride with the "hammers" Saturday either as BWNC says it's just not part of my plan right now and I know he's right. But, dammit I want to. Hold on girl!!! Look at the big picture and what you want to do this year. Remember Assault on Marion is the priority here!!!!!!!

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