Saturday, January 5, 2008

Metric Century Today

Well, I planned on doing a group ride this morning, which started in Wendell and would be 51miles. I wanted to get at least a 100k of riding in today, so I thought that I would park about half ways between my home & Wendell and ride there, do the ride, and then ride back. That would have given me around 68miles. Well, when I get to the ride, most have bailed on the 51mi ride to the 39mi ride. That was ok with me - just meant that I would have to ride a little extra at the end.

The route is really nice, not a lot of traffic with rolling terrain. I think the Ring of Fire ride really helped me, if not physically, mentally. The last time I did this ride, I was dropped on every hill, then struggled to get back with the group. This time, tho, I attacked just about every one of the hills, standing out of the saddle to climb them. I was amazed at how much easier they seemed to be.

Arriving at the rest stop, the 5 that I was riding with had an average of around 17.1mph. But, upon leaving, we had the wind in our face and it proved to be a strong one. All went well on the return trip and once back to Wendell, I said bye and headed back towards my car. This return trip was a bit harder due to being solo and the wind. My hamstrings also started to tighten up and feel really uncomfortable. I had eaten about 6 gels during the ride, but stopped at a store for a Baby Ruth bar & a Coke since I was feeling slightly worn out. I took a little longer route back because I really wanted to get the metric in and I still had to ride on past my car....I had 60mi at the car, so rode 1.5mi past and then returned. I'm pretty proud of myself....the longest I have ridden in quite some time.

Once home, a long, nice hot shower and a shave and I felt a lot better. Did my stretches for the legs...those felt great. Had a beer and discussed supper with the SU. We wound up going to Lowe's Food for steaks, tuna & a couple of beer. Supper was great!!

Now, I've been searching for flights to Denver, CO so that I can ride the TBP in July. Haven't found anything yet, well, I have, but have to discuss with SU before I purchase either 1 or 3 tickets. If I go, I'm planning on going out the 9th and returning the 15th or 16th. I really think I can do this ride. And, I'm really looking forward to the ride!!! I hope I get to do it.

Tomorrow will have to do a short easy ride:)

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