Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon on the Clayton Bypass

Well, it was a beautiful day today and I asked the SU if he had much planned for today or wanted to do anything...not really was the answer, so I said that if it was ok, I was gonna ride some this afternoon....didn't say no, so...

I emailed my riding friend Jay, and asked him if he was interested in riding today? He said yea and suggested that we try out the Clayton Bypass. 2 lanes in each direction, unopened, no traffic. This route is simply all rolling terrain and didn't seem to have any flat sections. But, I did fine. It was really nice to ride with Jay again as we haven't ridden together in quite a while. Last year this time, we seemed to ride every weekend and even some during the week.

He's encouraging me to play hooky from work on's supposed to be around 74F! I most likely will and we'll probably do the Benson/Coates route, about 50-55mi. It is a rolling to hilly route and is the route on which I got hurt last year.....Anyways..

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