Friday, January 11, 2008

Discipline & Patience

Discipline and Patience must prevail.

Discipline is:
  1. Training expected to produce a specific type or pattern of behavior
  2. Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training
  3. To train by instruction and control.
So, discipline, is something that I am gradually learning, due to the training I've been doing. I've never had a "set" training plan so it's new, but with my personality, it suits me just fine to have a "training" plan. I can't stand unstructured, unorganized stuff so this is good. It also means that I have to choose my rides very carefully. I can't just go out and ride with the fast guys with no restraint. It's just not part of my plan right now. Eventually, I should get to do some of this, but right now, I'm on a plan and a mission to ride some rides and ride them well. Tho, "well" is a relative term depending on how one wishes to define it.

But, patience is not something that comes very easily to me and I must remind myself to look at the end goals.

Patience is:

  1. The quality of being patient; capacity of calm endurance
Patient is:
  1. Capable of bearing affliction calmly
  2. Understanding; tolerant
  3. Perservering; constant
Both, discipline and patience are something that I have to learn and have them as an integral part of "me" if I'm going to accomplish all that I've set out to accomplish this year. I hear it all the time from my mentor. "Are you riding today", Yes, I answer. "Zone X?", Yes I answer. Are you doing this or that? Yes or no, depending on the question. And, I usually know what the correct answer should be. Are you riding with the fast group this weekend? **Sigh** No Obi-wan, I'm doing my intervals, which one should never skip doing. I'm becoming disciplined and learning to have a little patience. In doing so, maybe I'll become a better cyclist and person. But, how does one ride with a person who has no discipline? Is this possible at all? I hope that these questions an be answered as I do enjoy the rides, but know they are wrong for me and are detrimental to my goals.

Ride with discipline and patience and all my hard work will pay off in the end.

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