Monday, January 28, 2008

I Gots A New Toy!

A while back, like last October/November, I had been doing some research on dslr cameras. I had pretty much narrowed my choices down to the Canon Rebel XTi or the Nikon 40D (I think). Then, I up and purchased a PowerTap SL the first of November and thought I better wait a while before I made any more large purchases.

My husband asks me this past Saturday what I would like for my birthday, which is coming up this weekend. I haven't a clue. So, he tells me that he's thinking of getting me this camera because of the things he knows I really enjoy, cycling and photography are my favorites. Awesome!! We purchase the camera and kit, which includes a very large carrying case, UV filter, and an extra battery/charger, as well as a 2G compact flash card. Sweet deal - got about $120 off of normal retail price.

Since it did cost a bit, he tells me that it is a combination of birthday, Valentine's, Anniversary, Mother's Day gift! That's cool with me.

Without further ado - I am the proud new owner of a Canon Rebel XTi!! So much to learn now - I'll have to learn how to use this thing in manual mode cause it's not something to be using the Auto mode in...hell, I've got a P&S for that:).

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