Thursday, January 17, 2008


Snow?? Hell no. :(. Wintry mix was forecast for today, but alas, all we get is rain. Not that we don't need some rain around here, but I really do want some snow!!! The last great snow we had in the Raleigh area was in January 2000. Seven farkin' years ago!!!! Sigh. Just give me 8-12" of snow on a Thursday morning and I'll be just as happy/ecstatic/giddy as a 7yo. Then I'll be ready for the faux Spring and hot Summer to arrive....maybe sometime before March we'll get some snow. If I see any snow on my trip to the foothills Saturday, I'll have to get some pics!!

So, I get no snow today, only rain, and I therefore, cannot ride. Guess that's OK. I'll ride on Friday. Yesterday, when I rode, I tried to scout out roads which would be good for doing my intervals on. I think I've found one or two, about a 15-18min ride from work. Means that I will have to take a longer lunch on interval days. The one I've found that I think will work well, is ride out Rock Quarry to Battle Bridge to Brown's Field (think that's the name) and start the interval on this road. I'll take this road to Old Baucom and ride till I get 8-10min worth of interval done. Good thing about this section of roadway is the pavement is way smooth, there's 2' of pavement beyond the white line, and it's somewhat up grade, and very low traffic. I can ride up for the interval and soft pedal back down for the rest period.

Snow?? There is now the possibility of snow on Saturday, supposedly starting as rain and turning to snow later in the morning. I was supposed to go visit with my Dad then, but I think I'm going to call him and reschedule. I don't want to have to drive there & back in that weather nor do I want to get stranded up there. I really don't want to go at all, for reasons I won't post here, but it's something that I am going to have to do.

Since I'm not riding Saturday (most likely) I might just see how the legs feel for doing an interval or two tomorrow on the new route. They may say "No!" but then again, it could be a "maybe". Just have to see.

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