Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Gonna Take Longer Than Anticipated

Well, it seems that when I ordered my Arabesque group last November (off of ebay), it came with shifters which may be the clamp on type and not the braze-on type, which is what i need. I've been searching a lot today to try and figure out if I can get some sort of adapters that will allow me to use what I have. The original shifters that came off of the bike could possibly go back on the bike, but some of the internal pieces are breaking, so I'm not too sure if they will still be usable.

Then, last night while searching on ebay, I found some Arabesque shifters, and not knowing that thre were different types (clamp-on and braze-on), I bought them. So, I will be getting a set of clamp-on shifters that won't work on this bike. Oh well, I'll just list them on craigslist/BF and/or back on ebay. I'm still in the search for shifters....

I'm going to take the frame by my LBS tomorrow and have them clean out the seat tube - the powdercoater painted some inside and I can't get the seatpost installed. I'll also have them check out the bottom bracket area as well to make sure my BB will install. Maybe I can get the BB, crankset, headset, and derailleurs installed this weekend. I hope so. And get the bars wrapped.

Ordered some stuff from ProBikeKit this week too. Should be getting some Vittoria Rubino Pro tires in white and a set of Look KeO Classic pedals in black. They didn't have any Ambrosio White bartape:(. I'm gonna order some whenever it's in stock again....

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