Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eating Healthy, Losing Weight?

OK, I seriously have to start eating better! I am trying to do this, but it's hard to do when the rest of your family doesn't care to eat better. I'm the only one that's trying to lose weight and trying to train for the rides I want to do this year. Not sure how to go about getting the others to change the way they eat. Like right this very minute, just as I'm typing this post up, the kid and husband are noshing on Bojangle's Gravy Biscuit, Chicken Fillet sandwich and french fries. Am I eating any? Hell no. That's not part of my diet. Our supper is about the only good meal for the rest of the family.

I don't eat out at fast food places unless it's some place like Wendy's, where I'll have a Spicy Chicken sammich, baked tater or salad with it. No Hardee's, McDonald's, Burger King, etc. Lunches are usually brought from home or ocassionally I'll have something from the local Hibachi Japanese place (hibachi chicken/scallops with veggies and about .5 to .75c of rice with it). Other than that, I'm a brown bagger:)

This morning, I'll probably just continue to have some saltine crackers since I was sick last night. Even if I weren't sick, I wouldn't be eating that stuff. I think I either had a 24hr virus last night or got sick from the stuff I ate last night. I had fixed this Taco bake stuff (Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, hamburger w/taco seasoning, layered with together with cheese and topped with salsa & more cheese) Wednesday evening, didn't fix any supper (because I wasn't riding today), so I had leftovers. That mess is going in the trash.

So, back to the eating better give you an idea of how I eat I'll list what I've eaten this week and this is similar to my usual eating habits:

Breakfast (6am):
Low-Cal Thomas whole grain English muffin, 2 slices turkey bacon, egg or
1c cooked oatmeal with .5tbsp Smart Balance butter, honey, cinnamon, raisins, chopped walnuts and .25c 1% milk
16oz water

Snack (9am):
Usually a banana or apple
24oz water

Lunch (12pm or 1pm on lunch-time ride days):
Nature's Own whole wheat bread with Boar's Head turkey, baby Swiss, 1 tbsp mayo, mustard
Piece of fruit.
Will alternate with large salad w/ tomatoes, bell pepper, broccoli, cukes, 1 tbsp cheddar cheese & chopped egg. Newman's Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing
16oz diet sundrop

Snack (3-4pm):
Yoplait yogurt (digestive health kind) or
8 Wheat Thins with a triangle of low-cal/fat Laughing Cow cheese or
16oz water

Supper (6pm):
Some sort of grilled/baked chicken, pork loin chop, or fish
2-3 veggies
decaf ice tea or water

Snack (8-9pm):
Yoplait yogurt or

Sometimes, I don't have this last snack (or any of the snacks!) tho. Just not hungry sometimes. I don't know, I'm just frustrated with trying to eat well and not getting much support at home. "let's have Mexican tonight", "let's order Papa John's", etc. How do I get around this?

I guess I am eating pretty well, whatcha think?? But, I'm not losing the weight as fast as I want to. Maybe going to the gym and doing weights will help this along. I'm trying to ride the bike 3x during the week and the weekends, with longer (3+ hr) rides one of the weekend days. I've got 20# (at least, then re-evaluate) still to lose and would like to have this done by my planned WNC ride in May. I guess it's possible to do so in 4.5 months.

(not done, but will go ahead and post this...will add more later)

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